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We Believe in the Quote "Necessity is the Mother of Invention". That is why we support ideas that have the potential to grow but don't have enough resources to do so, Do you also have an Idea? Join us, Making this world Better than Before.


Dot53 Protect - Serverless Protection

Difficulty in remembering your credentials? leave it on us, store your credentials and your notes secured with the unique password without internet and download your data on your device whenever you want with a single click!

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Flashlight - Perfect Guide for Innovative Projects

Developing new Idea or a project is always a tough thing, especially for the students and the beginners who are unaware of the challenges and key techniques that we need to tackle developing the project, That is why we have developed FlashLight, A Collaboration, and Interaction tool.

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Cloud My Style - Database My Way

Are you bored of managing bulky, difficult to use, and boring looking databases? we have a perfect solution for you! CloudMyStyle, a place where managing databases is fun, with user-friendly Interface, light-weight, cost-efficient, and intelligent database managing tool.

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WorkSpace Collab - Boosted Productivity

Nowadays WorkSpaces are turning out to be boring and becoming less productive, especially during the current situation as everyone wants to have work home job, managing collaboration between teams is very difficult, that is why we created WorkSpaceCollab an easy and effective way of collaborating with your teams.

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Speak-N-Talk - The New Way of Learning

Learning by reading books? Nah! It's a boring kind of thing, Learning by watching a video? umm... still somewhat boring in the long run, So why not learn while having fun? Learn while chatting with others, Learn from their real-life experiences, SpeakNTalk!

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